How a girl’s character is decided for her by a prejudiced society.

When you go out with a guy.

(and I don’t mean going out on a date)

A girl going alone with a boy to a washroom or resort gives people the license to think that it is the fault of the girl who has ‘Willingly’ come there and not of the boy who has ‘Forcefully’ taken her.

Going out to a concert or even a cafe is considered as an invitation to the guy that the girl is ‘available’ and most certainly she shouldn’t let the guy give her a ride home, even if he is just a friend.

When you smile at a guy and let him touch you.

A girl should never allow a boy to touch her at all! No matter how close she is with the boy, touching is a ‘STRICT NO’. Even if it is as a joke or natural human behavior, it sends out the wrong signals to a guy.

In my opinion the word ‘touch’ itself has become a point of judgement. One such definition of this word is ‘to be in contact with someone’. Yet it seems like society has not failed to associate this word with its sexual meaning only. In conservative societies a guy patting a girl’s shoulder would be frowned upon. A guy holding a girl’s hand while dancing would be a huge deal. Similarly if a girl smiles at a guy even if it is out of politeness, it is considered as a hint of flirtation.

When you come home late.

If a girl comes home past 7 pm, she is characterless!

A girl should be home before the sun sets simply because it is uncultured for a young lady to travel about at night. Working night shifts is only acceptable if you are a doctor since it is a highly respectable and prestigious job. The latest a girl could come home is 10 pm. If you tend to come home late even if you were at work you are labelled as a girl with no character.

When you consume alcohol

If a girl sits and has a drink with a boy then it indicates that she is ready to sleep with him.

If a girl is seen at a pub with friends she is labelled indecent. Yet if the same girl is at a library she is considered a saint. In simple terms it is only uncultured girls with no values that go out with friends to pubs and drink. Well brought up girls don’t engage in such activities. If a girl drinks with other guys (these guys being friends is irrelevant) it is considered as an open invitation for sex.

When you wear clothes that show skin.

Terms and conditions differ for guys and girls. Girls when wearing jeans or short skirts only pose a threat to innocent helpless guys since it provokes them and it is not the guy’s fault.

Mini skirts, short dresses, shorts and bikinis are clothes that a girl should be ashamed to even think of wearing. If a girl’s clothes reveal skin then it is entirely her fault for provoking men for sexual interaction and not the guy’s fault for being mentally ill and sexually frustrated.

The film moves on to strongly point out that when a girl says ‘No’ that is exactly what she means. It doesn’t mean ‘Yes’ or ‘Maybe’. It means ‘No’ and men should understand that and respect her decision and back off.

The false assumption that girls tend to say the opposite of what they really mean has finally been corrected with this movie.

Allowing society to determine our character and staying silent about it has only led to higher number of rapes, suicides and depression. Gender equality and women’s rights are hot topics these days but is it really happening in this world?

Why is it that it is always a girl’s name and reputation that should be protected?

Why is it uncultured for a girl to lose her virginity before marriage but it makes a guy more macho when he sleeps around with many girls?

Why is it not okay for a girl to wear clothes of her liking that may reveal skin but it is okay for men to lust after her because after all ‘they are just being men’?

Its time men and women together made a change of attitude to not be so judgmental and to not allow society to label a women’s character.

“I don’t want other people to decide who I am. I want to decide that for my self”.

-Emma Watson-



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